Professional Dental Hygiene for Dogs

The world’s first 100% ultrasonic dentalbrush for animals.


Motionless and soft teeth cleaning without brushing


Works up to 12mm deep in the gums


Helps to prevent gingivitis, periodontitis, tartar formations and mouth odour

Healthy teeth – Healthy dog

Prophylaxis is the best protection

Already at the age of about two years 80% of all dogs show symptoms of dental disorders. Smaller breeds are affected more often as their teeth are often arranged too narrowly or misaligned.

With the newly developed ultrasonic toothbrush, you can effectively clean teeth and remote tartar. This way you can take precautions against:

  • Periodontitis
  • Chronic mouth cavity diseases
  • Tartar formation
  • Mouth odour
  • The use of anesthesia for tartar removal by a veterinarian.

Motionless and silent

The bristles lead the ultrasound from the ultrasound generator directly into the ultrasonic toothpaste. Here the ultrasound forms millions of microscopically small bubbles, which remove impurities such as food remnants, tartar, germs and bacteria by implosions. In addition the ultrasound enters into the gums up to 12mm deep and kills the bacteria which results in a therapeutic effect without any side effects.

The regular use of Emmi-pet reduces mouth odour, increases blood cisculation of the gums and activates the healing process.

Emmi-pet is recommended!

Recommended by veterinarians

Regular cleaning is the most important means to prevent dental diseases. This is not an easy job for dog owners, but the health of the dog’s teeth is worth the effort. With Emmi-pet the cleaning of dog’s teeth is almost a pleasure. The cleaning with Emmi-pet is noiseless, without motion and pressure. The ultrawaves do the job and “brushing” is not necessary. Ultrawaves clean more effectively than classic toothbrushes and kill bacteria even in the gingival pockets.

Recommended by dog owners

“Nelly accepts the application of Emmi-pet without any problems. The use is as easy as 1-2-3. It is soft and pleasant for our dogs. Formerly the animals had to see the veterinarian once a year where a professional cleaning was performed under anesthesia. Now I finally have a realistic and much more gentle alternative.”

  • Motionless, noiseless and soft cleaning
  • Cleans gingival pockets and reaches deep into the gums
  • Ultrawaves with a max of 96 million oscillations per minute